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Proven in the European marketplace, the beauty, technology and substance of Gaulhofer windows will set your home apart. Gaulhofer creates a uniform look and feel to our windows and doors by using matching profiles and dimensions of frame and sash.

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Gaulhofer products are as varied as life, and will turn an ordinary house into your dream home. Our windows and doors are all custom-made to size and shape, with a multitude of standard – or custom matched – colours available. We also offer a wide range of made-to-order design options, superb hardware and cool accessories such as insect screens and shutters. View our window and door specifications here.


Our windows and doors are made of sustainably harvested wood, from forests managed according to strict PEFC standards.

High-Tech Design & Engineering

Our technically superior aluminum skin that allows for thermal expansion fully protects Gaulhofer wood windows from rain, snow and hail, and renders them practically maintenance free. The design has been carefully engineered down to the smallest detail to virtually eliminate condensation, allow free water drainage and diffuse moisture.

Ultimate Stability

Our windows keep their shape even under the most extreme stress from all types of weather. We achieve ultimate stability and minimize warping by using triple-laminating clear edge grain wood, specialized joinery and multiple locking points.


All of our products are built using edge-grain larch and spruce grown in Austria’s alpine forests. We chose spruce for its strength and stability, and larch for its ability to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Weather Resistance

Our wooden windows are manufactured using Austria’s finest larch and spruce, woods chosen for their resilience to extreme climatic conditions. The aluminum components of our wood/aluminum windows are the result of many years of research and development. These components are made from high-tech materials designed for long life, weather resistance, low maintenance and easy cleaning.

“We are die hard Gaulhofer fans and will return again. We received top of the line customer services. It was easy to work with Bernie and his staff. Bernie was readily available at all hours and even on the weekends. The order and delivery of the windows went extremely smoothly. I felt that I was in good hands with Bernie and LuxusHaus.”
Michelle, Home Owner. Greensboro, NC, Service and Reliability
“I would strongly recommend anybody considering these windows to go with the Gaulhofer product. The quality of the construction is second to none and I believe that these windows will set the standard in Whistler over the years to come.”
David Lovato, Project Manager. Kyber Developments Ltd, Quality, Top-of-the-Line Construction
“The Gaulhofer windows are wood inside and out and are so high performance that you can actually hear them sealing when they close. They have the highest R value you can buy and come with a unique “tilt and turn” function to open them.”
Menlo Passive Home by Clarum Homes, California, The Highest Performance Windows Available
“I just want to let you know we’re rather amazed with our Gaulhofer windows.The other day there was a torrential downpour and it turned out the main trap for our storm drain connection to the sewer was almost completely clogged. We have a lightwell in the back of our place and all the water from the roof started backing up into the lightwell. The water filled the lightwell and started overflowing into the yard. Not knowing what the cause of the problem was, we spent an hour or more bailing water out of the lightwell and dumping it into our neighbor’s back yard (which was draining properly).

“There are two windows in the lightwell – one operable and one fixed pane.The bottom of the window is at least a foot below the top of the lightwell (probably a bit more). So there was a lot of water pressure on the windows.

“Despite that, the operable window doesn’t seem to have leaked at all and the fixed pane window just leaked a little – but it was the framing the contractor used around the window that seems to have leaked – not the window itself.

“In the end the water was only about 1/4″ deep in a small section of the cellar. A lesser window would have leaked or broken completely under those conditions. The Gaulhofers prevented a major (& expensive) flood.

“Needless to say, we’re happy we went with Gaulhofer. Thanks!”

Jay Harper, Home Owner. New York, NY, Gaulhofer Windows Avert Flooding Disaster


Our windows and doors are equipped with a multi-point locking mechanism that lets fresh air in and keeps intruders out – even if they are in the tilt positions.

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The locking system features mushroom-shaped locking points on the bottom of every tilt unit. Our use of intelligent pin protection makes it hard for unwanted guests to lever out your window, and our anti-drilling device protects against drilling of the window gear from the outside. Also, ‘slam shut’ technology (sway bar with brake) means your window can safely remain open in windy conditions. You may also choose laminated, shatterproof safety glass and high security fittings in all our products.


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