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Your number one choice in European Tilt & Turn Windows.


Gaulhofer has used pioneering window technology to make FUSIONLINE and NATURELINE,
its new wood and wood-aluminum windows. 

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The Gaulhofer family has been revolutionizing the window and door industry since 1919, when Karl Gaulhofer opened a construction and furniture joinery business in Austria. Karl Jr. took over the helm in 1954, and deftly blended the company’s deep roots in fine craftsmanship with cutting-edge production capabilities. In the years since Gaulhofer has become Europe’s leading manufacturer of beautiful and technically superior window and door products and has gained international recognition for their attention to quality and sustainability. Gaulhofer products are now enjoyed around the world. In 2008, Dr. Manfred Gaulhofer was named president of the company.


The qualities of wood are shown off to best advantage through increased overall depths —
in both the high-end and standard versions.

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Gaulhofer wood windows are valued like precious furniture to their owners. Made of the finest clear edge-grain spruce or larch, they are available as fixed windows with the option of enormous dimensions and custom shapes, or in highly flexible Tilt & Turn Windows that combine design, function and technology. The European craftsmanship is evident in the striking designs, triple-laminated millwork and detailed engineering — making these wood windows a joy to own for generations.

Naturline_78_HOLZWith NATURELINE 78 (depth: 78 mm or 3-1/16 inches) Gaulhofer brings a wooden window to the market, which even though an “entry level” model, delivers all the benefits of Gaulhofer product quality. These 100% wood windows enable the very best structural physical properties and outstanding “U” values
Natureline_92_HOLZWith an overall depth of no less than 92 mm (3-5/8 inches) Gaulhofer’s NATURELINE 92 is its high-end wooden window solution which, thanks to innovative product development, achieves incredible insulation values. These values set the benchmark for window construction.


The best of both worlds – the warmth and beauty of wood protected by the strength and practicality of aluminum. Unlike most North American aluminum clad windows, which are manufactured with an aluminum skin adhered directly to the wood, Gaulhofer Wood Aluminum Windows are engineered with spaced cladding that provides unobstructed water drainage and diffusion of vapor, thereby preventing wood rot. These European aluminum clad wood windows even have discreetly covered water drainage channels built right into the wood frames to dispose of moisture that may enter near wall connections.

Gaulhofer Fusionline Aluminum Clad Windows

Modern, Architectural Look

FUSIONLINE 94 maintains the high quality of its big sister: a 94 mm overall depth ensures a wood-aluminum window that leaves no wish unfulfilled.

The outstanding ‘SOFT’ and ‘PLANE’ design versions with aluminum cladding are also available.

Fusionline94Soft_HolzAlu_02Classic Window Profile

The classic Gaulhofer Softline aesthetics have been given a gentle facelift for this window. FUSIONLINE 94 SOFT will achieve your expectations with its calm design. The semi-overlapped aluminum cladding has no sharp corners or edges and features clear lines.

Fusionline94Plane_HolzAlu_02Clean, Flush Edges

The plane aluminum cladding of FUSIONLINE 94 PLANE is a clear endorsement of clear form. The frame and sash cladding are plane with each other, giving this wood-aluminum window a clean, straightforward external look: simple and plane!

Fusionline108PUREHolz_AluThe FUSIONLINE 108 (depth: 108mm or 4-1/4 inches) takes your windows to the next level.  It is the most energy-efficient green-compatible window in the world, to our knowledge, and even exceeds the rigorous standards for Passive House construction.

The noble FUSIONLINE 108 sets new benchmarks in the marketplace. It’s strong 108 mm overall wood and aluminum depth make this window the Mercedes of the Gaulhofer product range. FUSIONLINE’S advantages are reflected in visionary “U” values.


Beautiful custom window covers to bring in light through spectacular windows.

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Gaulhofer carries a wide range of space-saving, movable insect protection screens, including screens that are integrated into the roller shutter channel, fixed frame sliding screens, side-hung screens that open inward or outward, and roller screens. All insect screens are compatible with our Tilt & Turn windows and doors. The screens are made out of fiberglass and the aluminum frames come in nearly every color.



LuxusHaus offers aluminum outdoor Ventian blinds by Schenker Storen.
Every blind is available with manual or motor drive, and are also
available with an electronic controller.