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Your number one choice in North America for custom European Doors.


Gaulhofer’s doors are truly an investment in beauty. Perfectly framing your outdoor landscape, you will love our exquisite line of Natureline and Fusionline products.

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Doors should compliment – you, your home, and your windows. Gaulhofer has used pioneering door technology to make FUSIONLINE and NATURELINE, its new wood and wood-aluminum doors. The qualities of wood are shown off to best advantage through increased overall depths — in both the high-end and standard versions.

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The qualities of wood are shown off to best advantage through increased overall depths — in both the high-end and standard versions.


Gaulhofer doors are valued like precious furniture to their owners. Made of the finest clear edge-grain spruce or larch, they boast a highly flexible Tilt & Turn design, function and technology. The European craftsmanship is evident in the striking designs, triple-laminated millwork and detailed engineering — making these doors a joy to own for generations.

Naturline_78_HOLZWith NATURELINE 78 (depth: 78 mm or 3-1/16 inches) Gaulhofer brings a door to the market, which even though an “entry level” model, delivers all the benefits of Gaulhofer product quality. These 100% wood doors enable the very best structural physical properties and outstanding “U” values
Natureline_92_HOLZWith an overall depth of no less than 92 mm (3-5/8 inches) Gaulhofer’s NATURELINE 92 is its high-end wooden door solution which, thanks to innovative product development, achieves incredible insulation values. These values set the benchmark for door construction.


The best of both worlds – the warmth and beauty of wood protected by the strength and practicality of aluminum. Unlike most North American aluminum clad doors, which are manufactured with an aluminum skin adhered directly to the wood, Gaulhofer Wood Aluminum Doors are engineered with spaced cladding that provides unobstructed water drainage and diffusion of vapor, thereby preventing wood rot. These European aluminum clad wood doors even have discreetly covered water drainage channels built right into the wood frames to dispose of moisture that may enter near wall connections.

Gaulhofer Fusionline Aluminum Clad Doors Modern, Architectural Look FUSIONLINE 94 maintains the high quality of its big sister: a 94 mm overall depth ensures a wood-aluminum door that leaves no wish unfulfilled. The outstanding ‘SOFT’ and ‘PLANE’ design versions with aluminum cladding are also available.
Fusionline94Soft_HolzAlu_02Classic Door Profile The classic Gaulhofer Softline aesthetics have been given a gentle facelift for this door. FUSIONLINE 94 SOFT will achieve your expectations with its calm design. The semi-overlapped aluminum cladding has no sharp corners or edges and features clear lines.
Clean, Flush Edges The plane aluminum cladding of FUSIONLINE 94 PLANE is a clear endorsement of clear form. The frame and sash cladding are plane with each other, giving this wood-aluminum door a clean, straightforward external look: simple and plane!
Fusionline108PUREHolz_AluThe FUSIONLINE 108 (depth: 108mm or 4-1/4 inches) takes your doors to the next level.  It is the most energy-efficient green-compatible door in the world, to our knowledge, and even exceeds the rigorous standards for Passive House construction. The noble FUSIONLINE 108 sets new benchmarks in the marketplace. It’s strong 108 mm overall wood and aluminum depth make this door the Mercedes of the Gaulhofer product range. FUSIONLINE’S advantages are reflected in visionary “U” values.


Here are the four major styles of doors, all of which can be customized to your design preference, colour palette, and additional needs.

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With quality comes guarantee, which means all Gaulhofer windows and doors are regularly tested by neutral, internationally recognized institutions. These tests complement Gaulhofer’s stringent internal quality control ensuring that all windows leaving our factory meet the great demands you make on Gaulhofer products.

Proven in the European marketplace, the beauty, technology and substance of Gaulhofer windows will set you apart. Gaulhofer creates a uniform look and feel to our windows and doors by using matching profiles and dimensions of frame and sash. The simple beauty and sheer elegance of our windows, doors and hardware can even eliminate the need for casings.
Gaulhofer products are as varied as life, and will turn an ordinary house into a dream home. Whether you are a homeowner, architect, designer or builder of fine homes, you will find a solution at Gaulhofer. Our windows and doors are all custom-made to size and shape, with a multitude of standard – or custom matched – colours available. We also offer a wide range of made-to-order design options, superb hardware and cool accessories such as insect screens and shutters.
tiltandturnwindowGaulhofer is your number one choice in North America for European Tilt and Turn Windows. The inward swinging window is operated with only one handle for an easy-to-use 3-position operation: locking, opening, and tilting. In the closed position, several locking points ensure safety as well as an airtight fit of the triple weather strip system, keeping unwanted insect guests – and the weather – outside where they belong. For daytime ventilation, the window can be tilted. In this position, it allows gentle air movement but still provides security against intruders. In the turn position (inward opening) you can gain large amounts of ventilation quickly. It is now also easy to clean the exterior surface of the glass.
tiltandturnwindowdblWith our double sash tilt and turn window the first operating sash functions the same as a single tilt and turn window. A single handle operates all 3 functions; the multiple locking points for safety, the tilt function for gentle air movement and the turn option for maximum ventilation. When the first – primary sash – is opened, the second opener can now be operated with a simple lift of a single lever. This lever, much like the handle, releases multiple locking points. When both windows are open, there is no centre divider remaining that would obstruct the view. With this style of double tilt and turn window we can reach a size of 204 mm (8’) high and 2000 mm (6’6”) wide. At that size, we can even offer a triple pane glass to provide comfort for those chilling nights of January or the blistering desert heat of a day in mid-summer. Gaulhofer is the top German window manufacturer of these European style windows – meaning we can guarantee that these superb multi-functioning windows will always perform exceptionally. A height of 2700 mm (9’) may be possible depending on sash weight.
tiltandturndoorGaulhofer is your number one choice in Canada for European Tilt and Turn Patio Doors. The inward swinging tilt and turn patio door, not only functions the same as our tilt and turn window, but is also built with the same concern for B and E-security, ventilation and ease of operation. A single handle operates all 3 functions; the multiple locking points for safety, the tilt function for gentle air movement and the turn option for maximum ventilation. With our tilt and turn patio door utilizing the tilt position it is now possible for cross ventilation with out compromising security. Our hinging mechanism provides enough carrying capability to hold the weight of a healthy individual of 130 kg or 290 lbs, while it still tilts and turns like a window. Because the tilt and turn patio doors and windows have the same construction you can have a uniform look between the two in the design of your home.
frenchdoorThe double sash french door operates much like our single tilt and turn door, keeping security, ventilation and functionality in mind. There is one handle on the first opening sash which controls tilting and turning operation. In the tilt position, this french door can be used for gentle ventilation. Once the first opening sash is in the turn position a single lever on the second sash can be lifted making the opening of second sash possible. Since the construction is the same as our double sash tilt and turn window we can reach a size of 2400 mm (8’) high and 2000 mm (6’6”) wide. A height of 2700 mm (9’) may be possible depending on sash weight. This door works beautifully as a French patio door. With a wheel chair accessible threshold, sidelights and other options, it makes for a popular and stunning entrance to your home.
The Gaulhofer lift and slide patio door is the most widely used sliding door – for large openings – on the market today. We can create sliders of up to 32’ wide. Some of our sliding panels are 8’ width and more, and yet can be operated with very little effort. When the handle is turned, rollers are gently deployed which lift the operable panel very slightly. Once lifted, the panel can be rolled sideways to create stunning openings. This door has the lowest threshold of all our units. An incredible, easily-operated door that allows you to invite the outside to become part of your living space. The functionality and ease of operation will amaze generations to come.
tiltglidedoor4pThe Gaulhofer tilt and slide patio door is the most innovative and architecturally-correct sliding patio door on the market today. Not only does it have the tilt option of our other units but it was also designed with strict insulation guidelines in mind. When in the closed position, a multipoint locking system pulls the operable sashes tight against a triple weather strip system, pulling it flat into the same plane as the adjoined fixed windows. When the handle on the first opening sash is turned, the patio door tilts inward at the top. Further rotation of the lever kicks the bottom of the patio door inward, allowing it to be pushed over the fixed window next to it. The second sash functions the same way creating an opening width over 8’. The functionality and ease of operation will amaze generations to come.
4paneldoorThis 4-panel bi fold door features a tilt and turn door on the right and 3 folding sections on the left. This configuration can be customized to suit your needs. A single handle on the first opening door operates the multipoint locking system with the tilt and the turn function. This tilt and turn door can be used for secure ventilation in the tilt position or as a single passage door when in the turn position. The second opening door makes this unit into a typical double tilt and turn bi fold door. By operating the other handle this door now folds to the left opening up a wall section extending your room to make your terrace part of the inside of your house. We also offer a 7-panel door with an opening width of up to 5 meter (16’ 5”). This door has a tilt and turn door on one side and 6 folding panels on the other.
The most advanced European folding door on the market today. It can function as a french door when only the 2 centre sashes are used. To open a wall section with a width of 16’ 5”, only two additional handles need to be operated. Even with 6 moving panels we offer the multipoint locking, triple weather stripping and ease of operation you will find only on a Gaulhofer product. This is the perfect french door for a pool side patio, or a spectacular view opportunity where the outside is invited into the house. Like all our other windows and doors this unit can be adjusted and fine-tuned after your house has had a chance to settle.


At Luxushaus Imports, we also offer a wide variety of window shades and screens by Schenker Storen as well as a vast assortment of window and door handles and leavers designed by Turnstyle Designs and Karsher Designs.

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Gaulhofer carries a variety of handles and levers designed for seamless compatibility with your selected doors and windows. There are a variety of finishes available, including…