One of the special features designers, architects and builders love about Gaulhofer products is the incredible range and flexibility of our window and door lines. The creative freedom Gaulhofer inspires is limitless! So with that in mind, we’d like to put the design tools in your hands by providing you with access to all of the drawings, specifications, colours and finishes we have available.



Add one of a kind brilliance to your design with our breathtaking Tilt & Turn windows and doors, as well as Lift & Slide, Fold & Slide and Tilt & Slide patio doors.

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Proven in the European marketplace, the beauty, technology and substance of Gaulhofer windows will set your design apart. Gaulhofer creates a uniform look and feel by using matching profiles and dimensions of frame and sash. The simple beauty and sheer elegance of our windows, doors and hardware can even eliminate the need for casings. Our easy-to-use (one-handed!) Tilt & Turn technology allows you to open your windows and doors completely. We can build to any and all size specifications.


Our windows and doors are all custom-made to size and shape, with a multitude of standard – or custom matched – colours available.


Only Luxushaus can offer a range of Gaulhofer products that will truly fit your
every need and preference.

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High-Tech Design & Engineering

Our technically superior aluminum skin that allows for thermal expansion fully protects Gaulhofer wood windows from rain, snow and hail, and renders them practically maintenance free. The design has been carefully engineered down to the smallest detail to virtually eliminate condensation, allow free water drainage and diffuse moisture.

Ultimate Stability

Our windows keep their shape even under the most extreme stress from all types of weather. We achieve ultimate stability and minimize warping by using triple-laminating clear edge grain wood, specialized joinery and multiple locking points.

Eliminating Condensation

Gaulhofer has eliminated the problem of condensation and has made staining a thing of the past. Our patented Thermostop glass pane spacing system and Dampfstop vapor barrier produces low thermal bridging values thereby virtually eliminating condensation, improving thermal insulation by 45% and creating more comfortable ambient room temperatures.

Weather Resistance

Our wooden windows are manufactured using Austria’s finest larch and spruce, woods chosen for their resilience to extreme climatic conditions. The aluminum components of our wood/aluminum windows are the result of many years of research and development. These components are made from high-tech materials designed for long life, weather resistance, low maintenance and easy cleaning.


Our windows and doors are made of sustainable harvested wood, from forests managed according to strict PEFC standards –Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.

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The PEFC is the world’s largest forest certification organization, operating as an international non-profit dedicated to sustainable forest management.

All of our products are built using edge-grain larch and spruce grown in Austria’s alpine forests. We chose spruce for its strength and stability, and larch for its ability to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Furthermore, our cladding is made of quality aluminum, a sustainable metal, meaning that it can be recycled again and again with no loss of material.

Together, these materials form a product that will last for generations… the true measure of sustainability. After all, why put all this energy into building something this good unless it is going to be around for a long time?